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Chevy Nova NOS Original GM Parts

We carry a limited supply of NOS, original GM parts. Each year NOS parts become increasingly scarce, and hence more valuable. Most of what is around these days are common trim pieces, mechanical parts and surplus dealer installed options such as back-up light kits and floor mats. Items like grills, consoles and trim are extremely hard to come by and command a premium price. Our stock of NOS parts routinely rotates, but feel free to contact us with what you are looking for. When we have rare items such as grills they are normally listed on eBay.

NOS stands for "New Old Stock". These are original GM / Chevy parts from the 1960s and 1970s that were never sold, or if sold, never made it onto cars. They are often still in their original, but dilapidated packaging. NOS parts are normally the most desirable for restorations as they were made in the USA for or by General Motors and are guaranteed to fit and function properly.

If you have NOS parts you would like to sell or trade let us know! We are also always interested in NOS parts.