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Chevy Nova Challenge!

Welcome to the Parts Pete's Nova Challenge! The purpose of this page is to attempt to once and for all settle the never ending debates, rumours and misconceptions regarding Nova's and what options they came with. From swap meets and car shows, to local cruises and even the Nova Nats', there seems to always be stories of Nova's with odd ball options that somehow made it off the showroom floor. Well now it is time to prove it! Here are the cars we are looking for:

  • 62' SS Car - we do not believe these exist, but are what we get contacted about the most.
  • 62'-63' Original Factory V8 Car - there are possibly dealer installed V8 cars, but without the paper work it is just a rumour.
  • 2-Door Wagon - give up, these DO NOT exist!
  • Inline 6 w/ a 4spd
  • L-79 Wagon
  • 66'-67' Original Big Block Car
  • First Generation Nova Fastback - pictures of prototypes do exist!
If you own one of these cars, or know someone who swears that there uncle's, cousin's, roommate has one, PLEASE contact us. If you can prove one of these cars truly does exist through real documentation, pictures, cowl tag info, etc. you will get an entire page on this Web site dedicated to the car! This will include pics of the car, a brief history/description, and any personal information you would like to include. If you have one of these cars or know where one is, we look forward to hearing from you!!!